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We had another really good day out caching in Lancashire on Saturday. The day started off a bit misty but cleared up later on to become a really nice day.

On the way to the M6, we stopped off at the church in Whitmore to try and find the new Staffordshire Church Gem cache. The first part was easy as it was a virtual stage and you could not miss it. We plotted the co-ords and found the cache was not far from where we had parked the Jeep. We had a quick look but could not spot the nano. We were anxious to get on with the main event of the day – the caches in Lancs – so decided to give up and have another look on the way home later.

On arrival at the first cache, we got accosted by a very unfriendly lady from the nearby house who told us under no circumstances could we park anywhere on the public road she lived on. Some people! We’d parked very considerately and left tons of room to get past too! Anyway, we moved the Jeep to the end of the lane and set off from there on bikes. We did have to wheel them along the public footpaths though as you’re not supposed to cycle on them ;-).

We loved the 40th Birthday series, with some fun hides and great walking. The only exception were the first two which were in the muddiest field we had seen for quite some time. Up to our ankles in it at times!

After we’d done this set of caches, we moved over to Rivington and set off to find the caches that had been put out for the recent event there. A nice set of easy caches along an ancient byway started us off, before moving over to near Lead Mines Clough for the Sight series.

We struggled at a couple of the sight ones as it was getting late in the day and we were getting tired. A quick PAF soon put us on the right track though. We left one of the series as it had had 2 DNF’s on it and we were pretty sure it was MIA. Will try again for it the next time we are in the area.

On the way home, we stopped at the Church Gem again and found it immediately in the first place I shone the big torch – how lucky is that?

All in all, another really satisfying day out caching that we both thoroughly enjoyed.

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