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Old millstone in the centre of Audlem, right by the cache

Old millstone in the centre of Audlem, right by the cache

I was working away today, trying to catch up with things after our extended holiday in Florida last week and spotted 5 new caches had been published. 3 were near Gnosall and then 2 were near Whitchurch. I was too busy to dash right out for them but after I’d cleared up a few things I though I’d give them a go.

The first one was down a very remote lane near Gnosall and I thought I might manage a FTF. It was not to be as the Nozi Parkers had beaten me by 15 minutes. Undeterred I set off for the second one, knowing they may still be doing it as it’s a 0.6 mile walk each way and they would not have had time to walk there and back yet.

Needless to say I was right and bumped into Angela on her way back from the cache. She walked back with me to watch me find it before giving me a lift in her car back down the bridleway to where I’d parked. We then set off in convoy for the third cache.

We could not work out how to get to this one so as the coast was clear we risked skirting round a field and then over a fence to GZ. After that it was an easy find and a Joint FTF to boot :-).

Me with one of the Gnosall caches

I said my goodbye’s to Angela and headed off to Whitchurch to try for the other two FTF’s. The first was a very tricky find and took me ages. Eventually I managed to spot it from the wrong side of a fence and really liked the sneaky container.

The other cache was right in the middle of Whitchurch and not far from an Iceland store my step-brother used to be Manager at ages ago.

On the way home, I diverted off into Cheshire to find a cache that had come out in Audlem (Cheshire’s most southerly village) a few weeks ago and was cluttering up my closest to home not found list. A nice quick find here, after dodging lots of muggles.

Later on in the evening, I was catching up with work when another cache just a few miles from home came out. A quick check with Allun from the Shropshire Seekers on MSN had me picking him up 5 minutes later. We were soon at GZ and quickly found the cache. I bet the views from GZ over towards The Wrekin are great from here in the daytime too :-).

That’s 2 FTF’s and 2 Joint FTF’s. Not bad for two unexpected caching trips!

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The final cache in our Behind Enemy Lines series at Tilstock has been out of action for a few weeks now. The last finder found it sat where it should be but with the lid off and thus it was a bit damp.

Obviously the old hide had been compromised to I decided to relocate the cache somewhere nearby. We’ve been wanting to swap the lock ‘n’ lock box for an ammo box for some time as this fits better with the theme of a wartime series final cache, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

I made up a new ammo box and also did a Regular sized lock ‘n’ lock box just in case I could not find anywhere to hide an ammo box. I need not have worried as a quick scout around in the area just past where the cache used to be revealed lots of great places to put an ammo box.

With that one safely hidden and the co-ords taken and checked, I decided to carry on my walk to the back of the woods, along the back and then back towards the A41 and where I parked via another path. It was a beautiful morning with clear blue skies and absolutely lovely for a walk.

As I was walking along I wondered about the lock ‘n’ lock box I had in my backpack and decided to see if I could find somewhere to hide that too as the woods are full of old buildings which are really fun to explore as most of them are open access.

I ended up at the old Ops building, which is a labyrinth of vary dark rooms, all connected with dark corridors and with doors everywhere. What a great place for a cache and as I looked around by torchlight there were quite a few places I could hide a Regular sized cache.

I ended up choosing a spot that hopefully will not be noticed by any other muggles while looking round themselves. I took my co-ords, tested them and then took a ton of photos of the old buildings, so I could use some of them on the cache page.

Once home I set about writing up an interesting cache page and have just submitted it. Hopefully it will be published very soon.

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Cache Maintenance

Both our Whitchurch Whereigo and our Market Drayton: Plaque Attack caches were reported as missing in the last few days. Today we went to check on them both and indeed they had both been muggled.

We replaced the Whitchurch one with a much smaller container in the same hiding place. We pushed it under a lot more and added some natural camo so it’s not obvious it’s there at all. Hopefully it will be ok now.

The Market Drayton one was very near a skate park and I suspect some younger muggles had been sheltering from the rain under the bridge nearby and found the cache. There is a very handy River Tern right by GZ so I suspect that is where the old decon container went. Hmmm.

We found a quieter location in the same park and so put a new smaller cache there, hung from the back of a shielded, ivy covered tree in a camo bag. It took me a few moments to spot it when testing out the new co-ords so hopefully it will be invisible to muggles. Time will tell…

Both cache pages have been updated and they are both back live on GC.com.

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Whereigo Wonderings

We were out caching on Saturday and took a call from a cacher looking for our Whereigo cache in Whitchurch. It was nowhere to be seen and must have been muggled.

We’re gutted as they take so long to set up and then with hardly any visitors (not that many cachers have the equipment to run them yet) the last thing you want is DNF’s. Not to mention the cacher, who took the time and trouble to follow the Whereigo round and then does not get a smiley at the end for their troubles. At least they told us they really enjoyed the walk around town.

We did take a bit of a risk with it as it was a Regular sized lock n lock container in a very urban location right in the town centre. We hoped it would last longer than it did, but it was not to be. We’ll hopefully replace it with a smaller cache some time this week.

As if that was not bad news enough, we heard that our new Market Drayton: Plaque Attack cache is also missing. It’s only been out a couple of weeks so is all the more disappointing. We suspect the hide is compromised so we’ll have to try and find an alternate location for any replacement.

It can only get better from here hopefully.

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