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Some of the litter at the ASDA cache

Some of the litter at the ASDA cache

Isaac was taking part in the school open day on Sunday afternoon playing his guitar and had asked if we would go along to see him performing.

I knew there was a new(ish) cache on open ground behind the school so we set off down a footpath to do that one first. A nice quick find was had, but it will be a different matter in a few weeks as there are nettles growing fast all around GZ and the cache will be very hard to get to soon!

After we’d seen Isaac perform, we only had half an hour before we were due to pick him up to go home, so decided to pop back over to Donnington and the ADSA cache we’d failed to find on Saturday. Not the nicest of places for a cache (in fact if I’m being honest it’s probably one of the worst caches we’ve ever done) with litter absolutely everywhere (see the photo above).

Luckily I had spoken to a previous finder after Saturday’s DNF and knew exactly where to look. I thus had an instant find and am very glad to tick that cache off the list. I’ve tried to be honest in my log and even suggested there were lots of nicer places to hide a cache than this. I live in hope perhaps the next cache from this hider will be in a much nicer place :-).

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A quick cache (or two?) near home

A new cache had been published not too far from Isaac’s school last night. Late this afternoon I had to drop Mrs Bolas Heathens off at school for an hour so decided to go and try and find this new cache while I was waiting for her.

The cache was almost a drive-by and was a quick find in the place it just had to be. It’s the first cache hide by a newish cacher in the area and was a decent sized box with some good swaps in – just the way we like it. The cache page said about it being at the bottom of a field belonging to a now defunct school. It’s a shame it was dark when I found the cache as I did not get to see what I was brought to see. There’s always next time though, so all is not lost.

The cache page had a curious note on it about a ‘bonus’ for the FTF and I had heard a whisper that the ‘bonus’ was the co-ords of a new, as yet un-published cache. I may (or may not) have gone on to find the bonus cache later on and it may (or may not) have been a nice hide ;-). I can confirm that I had a quick drive down some Byways Open To All Traffic nearby that I’d been meaning to explore for ages – great fun, especially in the dark :-).

I’m not sure what the cache owner has in store for us all with the ‘bonus’ cache but hopefully all will be revealed very soon.

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