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Frustrated geocacher!

On Thursday, we had to go to my Uncle George’s funeral in Grappenhall, near Warrington.

As you do, I’d checked which caches we have not found nearby and downloaded them to the Oregon. I did not know if we’d have time to find any of them but you never know…

By the time we got there, we had to go straight to the church so as not to be late. I knew there was a cache by the canal on the road into the village and sure enough, we drove past it on the way. I resisted stopping to find it as being late for funeral’s is not nice.

After the funeral, we headed off in the funeral procession to the crematorium at Walton. We passed the cache again – I could literally see where it was likely to be as we drove past.

As we approached the crem, I could also see where one of the Walton towpath caches we needed to find was, but did not have time to stop for that either. Hmmmm…

After the crem, we headed off for the do at a pub near Grappenhall and you guessed it, we passed the cache again, but did not have time to stop.

After the do, there was absolutely no way we were going home without finding the cache as it had frustrated me all day. Thankfully it was an easy find and we were soon on our way, very happy to have found it.

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