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One last cache for 2009

Isaac and Freya with the cache

We could not resist finding one last cache to round off 2009 nicely. We had to go back to Stoke to pick up the Mac we took in for repair the other day, so this was the ideal chance.

After stopping off for something else in Newcastle under Lyme, we headed off for a cache by the Etruria Canal Museum. The hint narrowed down things but despite a thorough check of the item and several other things in the area the cache was nowhere to be seen. Just in case we’d missed something really obvious (would not be the first time) we used a PAF to a previous finder. They told us the cache was in the first place we’d checked, so it looks like the nano has blown off or something :-(.

Luckily we had a Plan B up our sleeve and an easy looking cache in Tunstall was just what we needed. Isaac guided us there using Memory Map and we parked up very close to GZ. Myself, Isaac and Freya jumped out of the Jeep and walked over to GZ. The were metal fences all over the place so we started to look for a magentic micro. It was then that I spotted the cache hanging off the gatepost – that’s a novel hide to say the least, but it does blend in very well.

Happy with our find we drove the short distance to the repair shop, picked up the Mac and set off for home.

We’d like to wish anyone reading this a very happy 2010. Hope you find all the caches you seek and don’t have too many DNF’s :-).

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