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Shropshire Church Gem - Shifnal

Shropshire Church Gem - Shifnal

On Saturday, despite breaking up for the half-term holidays yesterday, Isaac had to go into school for Speech Day. I dropped him off and planned to go and do 5 nearby caches while I was waiting to pick him up.

The first on my list was a Shropshire Church Gem in Shifnal and a quick find once I’d realised you access the path to it via the churchyard and not by a nearby street of houses – doh!

By this time the rain had started and was coming down quite heavily, which was not exactly adding to the caching experience. I pressed on regardless in the hope the rain would stop soon (it didn’t!). The next cache was a quick one on a nice walk over some fields and into woodland.

Views over the rapeseed crop while walking to snerdbe's Old Park caches

Views over the rapeseed crop while walking to snerdbe's Old Park caches

The next two caches were an addition to snerdbe’s Old Park cache, which we’d done absolutely ages ago. I parked in the same place as we did the last time we were here and enjoyed the walk (despite the rain!) to both caches.

The last one of my short trip out was another Shropshire Church Gem, this time at the beautiful church in Tong. This was a multi and so I wandered into the churchyard to get the numbers I needed, before returning to the Jeep to woork out the co-ords to the final cache. I would normally have walked the last bit but it was still raining so I drove all the way and parked right by GZ for an easy find.

Once back at school, I was in plenty of time to pick Isaac up. Pity there were not a few more caches I could have looked for to pass the time😉.

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