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Today was Mrs Bolas Heathens birthday and she had invited quite a few of the Mum’s from school over for lunch. I thought I would make myself scarce as I’d never get any work done as they would be directly below my office chatting away.

I set off to clear some of our page 1 Not Founds, starting with an urban micro in Telford. Lots of long grass and places you could put a cache here. After looking in the obvious places and some more sneaky places, I came up empty handed. I resorted to a PAF who directed me to the cache, which was in a less obvious place. It turned out later that Tizzie works very close to this one and had not realised there was a new cache so close to work.

Then it was off to find the Rabbit Run caches. The first one had a sneaky twist using a variation on the old childhood getting a calculator display to say ‘hello’ on the screen. ALl good fun and nice to see something different for a change.

The rest of them were easy drive-by’s, but did involve quite a bit of trekking back and forth in the area as they were multi’s. Then it was onward to a lovely Shropshire Church Gem, an easy guardrail cache near Condover and a return visit to Shrewsbury Station to find the replacement Sidetracked cache there.

All in all a good fun 3 hours was had, in some of our favourite parts of Shropshire.

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