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A quick new cache near home

Lovely sunny views on the walk to the cache

On Sunday morning I was checking my emails and noted a new cache had come out very close to home. Being Valentines Day, I was otherwise occupied for a while 😉 so pretty much gave up on the chance of a FTF.

Just before dinnertime I had a spare hour or so, so decided to pop out and bag the new cache. The walk was very familiar as there *might* be a puzzle cache hidden a bit further along the same track somewhere ;-).

I was soon at GZ (or so I thought) but there were no hint items anywhere to be found. I’d passed one not far back so walked back for an easy find. My GPSr was saying 92ft to go at GZ which did not look right, so I power cycled it and it then said 2ft to go. That’s much better! Glad to see it’s not just me that struggles in the morning ;-).

Oh, and I had missed FTF as I suspected. Not a problem though as it’s a lovely walk and a beautiful day to be out and about.

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