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Walking along the banks of the River Dee

We’d planned to do the Marcher Marches Bangor on Dee and Overton on Dee series on Saturday but the weather was awful. A quick check of the weather for Wrexham on the iPhone revealed it was going to be lovely on Sunday. Sun was forecast, which sounded perfect for a day’s walking.

Isaac and myself set off and were soon parking up at the south end of the Bangor on Dee series. This was the longer walk of the two so we decided we’d do this one first. Disaster struck at the first cache as we could not find it. There were lots of places that matched the hint so we decided to leave it for on the way back to the Jeep so as not to put us behind on time for the day.

Wild garlic galore!

We carried on along the banks of the Dee to the next cache, thoroughly enjoying the beautiful day it was turning out to be. A few caches later we did out favourite of the series: the cache was hidden in a lovely wooded dingle with a stream heading through the middle and wild garlic absolutely everywhere. What a beautiful place.

The rest of the caches on the walk up to Bangor were uneventful. Along the way we were getting too hot so put our coats in our back-packs and started our first t-shirt caching of the year. Spring must be on it’s way!

Stepping stones across a stream

After briefly passing through part of the town of Bangor, we arrived at what was cache #1 of the series (you’re meant to start the walk in Bangor, but we quite often don’t do things as intended!). Just as we arrived, a guy with a very nice looking camera around his neck walked over. We initially thought he was a birder or walker but he had recognised Isaac from our “Isaac with the cache” photos and introducted himself.

It was Zeus55 – great to meet you. He had just started the series and was going the same way as us, so we decided to head off together for the remainder of the caches we needed to do on the series.

Old bridge over the River Dee at Bangor

The rest of the series were easy finds, with yet more great walks along the banks of the Dee in glorious weather. All too soon we were back at the cache we could not find earlier by where we’d parked. Zeus55 put his hands on it – and in perhaps the only place we’d not looked – doh!

We said our goodbye’s and headed off to the Jeep for some cake and loopy juice (Lucozade Isotonic drink). Feeling ready to go again, we drove the short distance to the village of Overton to start the next walk.

The Bolas Heathens out caching (thanks to Zeus55 for the photo)

The next few caches were nice and easy. This series has less micros than the Bangor series and we soon got used to the cache owners hiding style.

On the way to cache 08 we managed to get on the wrong side of the hawthorn hedge (but did not realise it at the time). I’ll quote for our log on the cache for what happened next:

As we walked along a light aircraft was about 1000ft above us and obviously practicing steep turns (turns with a bank angle of 45 degrees or more). They then did a few manoeuvres that as a pilot myself I recognised as looking for a suitable field to ditch the plane in. This is often practiced as part of the PPL syllabus.

I commented to Isaac that the field we were in looked to be ideal for a forced landing and to maybe expect them to line up with it and come down to about 50ft before powering on and flying off again for another practice.

Anyway, we carried on our walk into the next field and soon realised we were on the other side of the hedge from where we needed to be. While we were trying to find a quick way round Isaac said “there’s that plane”. I looked up to the sky but he said “no, over there” and pointed to the plane coming through a gap in the hedge from the last field.

So that’s why the pilot looked to be practicing for a forced landing… this is actually a farm strip :-).

The plane that had just landed

Needless to say we eventually got to the correct side of the hedge and soon found the cache.

Later on in the series the walk took us down a track I recognised from a previous visit to the area when we’d done a fab stand alone cache by the River Dee. The path then took us down to the next cache which was in yet more lovely woodland by the Dee and absolutely carpeted in wild garlic. We picked a bit so we could spice up the gravy with our roast Sunday dinner when we got home later :-).

Circular cattle trough

By this time we had the co-ords of the bonus cache for the series so stopped by to get this on the way back to the Jeep. A nice spot for the bonus cache and we can see why the bonus has to be a nano.

It had got dark by now and we had to head home as we were later than expected. On the way we passed an easy drive-by so stopped to make that the last find of the day.

Looking down the River Dee

43 finds for the day and about 13 miles or perhaps slightly more walked. What a great day out which we both loved: great walking, sunshine, wild garlic, lots of good caches and meeting another cacher. All ingredients for a perfect day out :-).

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