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Oulton Millennium Stone

Oulton Millennium Stone

I was just about to have some dinner today when up popped 5 new caches very close to home. How could I resist? The caches were set around great big boulder stones that had been set around the area as part of the Millennium celebrations.

After I had eaten my sandwiches, I was off in the Jeep and was soon pulling up near the first one in the series. I managed to overshoot GZ in my eagerness to get there first and walked back up the lane for an easy find. The location was a great one, just by an old canal bridge which used to span the now defunct Norbury to Newport canal.

Weston Jones Millennium Stone, right outside an old smithy

Weston Jones Millennium Stone, right outside an old smithy

The next one in the series was right by Norbury Junction itself and another easy find. The hide was very audacious given the busy location and the fact it was a decent sized cache container. I wish more caches were as well thought out as these🙂.

Next, it was a back-track along the lane leading to the A518 for another quick find by the Village Hall Millennium Stone. After that, it was two more easy FTF’s the other side of the main A518, both in great and very rural locations.

Now to head back home and get on with some work…

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