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This weekend, we decided to head up to just about the northernmost extremity of our days caching zone: the area just south of Preston.

We’d seen the caches in Much Hoole come out for the NW Caching event that was held there a few weeks ago (too far for us to go just to attend an evening event) so decided to start there. The route from the M6 took us past a couple of Sidetracked caches so it would have been rude not to stop and find them.

Much Hoole presented no problems although we were expecting two of the caches to be trickier than they turned out to be, as they both had DNF’s on them. Isaac walked straight up to the first one (that’s my boy :-)) and the second one looks to have been replaced by the cache owner.

The only one we could not find was the last one in the series, which looks to have been muggled as we spoke to a previous finder, who confirmed where it should be.

Now, to head over to the north of Chorley, via a few other quick caches, so we can start on the new Eco Friendly series. They are all Puzzle caches, but are hidden at the stated co-ords. The Puzzle icon is there because of the additional logging requirement: you must post a photo of you with your bike at each cache.

No problems with any of these as they were all in the obvious place. On the way round, we fitted in a few other caches, notably one where you had to go up and down a road, until you had lined up the Mormon Temple in Chorley with Great Hill, up on the moors. Great fun and an interesting way to pin-point a cache.

After we’d done the Eco Friendly ones, we headed into Chorley to clear up the newer urban caches there. No problems there apart from dodgy co-ords on a certain cache setters caches. We’re used to the co-ords on their caches being out, so used the hints for easy finds.

Just time for a few more caches now as it’s starting to get dark and we’re starting to get hungry, so want to think about heading home for some tea.

A nice quick cache by one of the oldest pub’s in the area was followed by a walk down a great PF past some new houses and onwards to a lovely little dingle area. On the OS map, this looked un-remarkable, but when you get there it’s a great spot.

On the way back to the M6, we stopped by a hotel near the Standish exit of the M6 to bag a last quick cache. An easy find, but there was quite a bit of broken glass at GZ (we’ve noted this in our log, so other cacher’s know to watch out).

44 finds and a *really* satisfying day’s caching.

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