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Cache Maintenance

Both our Whitchurch Whereigo and our Market Drayton: Plaque Attack caches were reported as missing in the last few days. Today we went to check on them both and indeed they had both been muggled.

We replaced the Whitchurch one with a much smaller container in the same hiding place. We pushed it under a lot more and added some natural camo so it’s not obvious it’s there at all. Hopefully it will be ok now.

The Market Drayton one was very near a skate park and I suspect some younger muggles had been sheltering from the rain under the bridge nearby and found the cache. There is a very handy River Tern right by GZ so I suspect that is where the old decon container went. Hmmm.

We found a quieter location in the same park and so put a new smaller cache there, hung from the back of a shielded, ivy covered tree in a camo bag. It took me a few moments to spot it when testing out the new co-ords so hopefully it will be invisible to muggles. Time will tell…

Both cache pages have been updated and they are both back live on GC.com.

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Whereigo Wonderings

We were out caching on Saturday and took a call from a cacher looking for our Whereigo cache in Whitchurch. It was nowhere to be seen and must have been muggled.

We’re gutted as they take so long to set up and then with hardly any visitors (not that many cachers have the equipment to run them yet) the last thing you want is DNF’s. Not to mention the cacher, who took the time and trouble to follow the Whereigo round and then does not get a smiley at the end for their troubles. At least they told us they really enjoyed the walk around town.

We did take a bit of a risk with it as it was a Regular sized lock n lock container in a very urban location right in the town centre. We hoped it would last longer than it did, but it was not to be. We’ll hopefully replace it with a smaller cache some time this week.

As if that was not bad news enough, we heard that our new Market Drayton: Plaque Attack cache is also missing. It’s only been out a couple of weeks so is all the more disappointing. We suspect the hide is compromised so we’ll have to try and find an alternate location for any replacement.

It can only get better from here hopefully.

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I’d just sat down to get started on work for the day when up pops two new caches in Market Drayton. I can’t remember the last time a local FTF possibility cropped up so I just had to dash out to try and find them.

I soon arrived at the lovely Shropshire Church Gem and had the cache in hand after a short search. My problem came when I went to put it back as it seemed to have lost it’s magnetism. I did not remember seeing a magnet attached to it and a quick look around the area I had handled the cache came up empty. Very odd as it must have been stuck on somehow!

I ended up hiding the cache very close-by and texting Paul and Izzy (the other possible FTF hounds) saying what I’d done just in case they were chasing the FTF’s too (they were not). Off back to the Jeep and a short drive later, I was parked up for the walk to the bonus cache.

The cache page had indicated the cache was up a slippy bank and it was not wrong – especially with this morning’s rain. Thankfully there were lots of trees to grab onto to help me up and I soon had the cache in hand. A nice big box too, full of TB’s (it’s the starting point for a TB race between some local cachers).

Well satisfied by my impromptu caching session, I walked back to the Jeep.

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We’ve spent the last few days researching, gathering information for, and setting our new Market Drayton cache: Market Drayton – Plaque Attack.

The main challenge was to find a nice location in the town that was not too far from the centre and could hold a reasonable sized cache as we don’t like settings micros. This proved harder than we though and after several hours of looking at various possibilities, settled on the one location.

We then had to get the co-ordinates and plaque details for all locations on the walking tour and put it all together in a cache page. Multi caches like this always take an age to set as there is so many things to get right and lots of double checking of everything to do.

Finally, mid-morning today, all was ready to go so we submitted the cache for review. It’s not been published yet, but hopefully will be later today. Then we have the fun of looking at the Audit Trail logs to try and guess who might be FTF.

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