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Layout of the caches

I was just settling down for the evening last night when I checked my emails and realised 5 new caches had just been published not too far from home. I wonder if Allun from the Shropshire Seekers is around as I bet he’s up for a FTF dash. He was and he was :-).

I picked up Allun from the local village on the way and we were soon parking up at the same place I’d parked when I got FTF on the old multi-cache in the area (which was archived to make room for these 5 new caches).

We could not spot the first cache so decided to press on to the others so we could get an idea how good the co-ords were and remind ourselves of this cache owner’s hiding style. The next cache was a quick find and a FTF :-).

On the way to the next cache we spotted torches at GZ so I suggested to Allun that we leave this one out and carry on to the last cache, in the hope the cacher’s we’d just seen had not got to the next cache yet. My plan worked and we got another FTF :-).

As we were putting the cache back the other cacher’s caught up with us – it was Big Farmer Giles, Wild Goosey, Nozi Parkers and a cacher from Saudi Arabia called Saati (I was meaning to ask how he found himself caching in this part of the world but forgot to).

Me with Allun from the Shropshire Seekers at the bonus cache

We left them to it and dashed off for a quick find on the cache we’d seen them looking for earlier. It was then a short back-track to the first cache we’d tried for and a quick-ish find here for another FTF :-). How the heck we’d missed it earlier I don’t know. Just as we were signing the log, the other cacher’s caught up with us so we handed them the cache. They still had one cache to find, but we now had the bonus cache co-ords :-).

I can’t say too much about the bonus cache here as I don’t want to spoil it for future finders. It took us a few moments to spot but we got another FTF :-). It was a really nice hide though and we had the added bonus of bumping into the cache owners for a nice chat on the way.

A fun 45 minutes or so, bumping into loads of other cachers. So much better than the TV tonight :-).

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