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Looking along the canal from one of the Pelsall area caches

On Saturday Isaac was back at school so I planned to grab a few caches towards Wolverhampton after I’d dropped him off at school and headed down the motorway. Little did I know it would develop into a full day’s caching and that I’d meet 3 lots of other cacher’s while I was out!

The first cache was one myself and Allun from the Shropshire Seekers had had a DNF on a week or two ago when we were on a FTF mission. The cache was missing before FTF and had been replaced in the meantime so I popped along for a nice quick find. It’s always satisfying to tick off previous DNF’s :-).

Stream in Pendeford Woods

The next caches were not too far away and based along a walk though Pendeford Wood near Wolverhampton. I parked near to the top of the trail and had a lovely walk through the woods picking up the 5 caches there.

After I’d finished with the caches in the woods, I headed off for the Essington Signal Box series, which is a set of 4 caches on a circular walk near to an area I’d cached a few weeks ago. I started off with a quick guard rail cache before heading off down the path into the fields. The rest of the series were nice quick finds and it was a nice walk.

Canal boats moored at Sneyd Wharf

Disaster then struck as I had a DNF on a new cache near Sneyd Whark called BOYHOOD ESCAPE ROUTE (1) – that’s the cache owner’s SHOUTING and not mine ;-). On the up-side, I did bump into Hank’s Crew at GZ – it’s good to meet you both at last :-).

A quick cache at Sneyd Wharf on the canal followed, before I moved on to the north end of Bloxwich for the ‘The sky is falling down” series, a set of 7 caches based along an old canal and surrounding area. We’d totally failed to spot this series on the map before as all but one of the caches have exactly the same dummy co-ords, so it just look like one cache on the map!

View down the ex-canal, now a nature reserve

Needless to say, I got my bike out of the Jeep like we always do for canal based caches. A had great fun travelling between the caches on a deserted towpath and then stopping to work out the co-ords of the next cache at each previous cache. All too soon I was back at the Jeep with the series completed.

Next on my list was two quick caches round the corner at Izaak Walton pool, a nice looking fishing pool. Nothing much to report here as they were both quick and easy finds.

A beautiful memorial to a teenage girl killed in a car crash nearby

I then headed off to the Pelsall area for all the new andynelaine caches that had come out recently. After I’d done a few of them I got an almighty shock. I’ll quote from my cache log:

As I got back to the Jeep I was sat checking my GPSr to work out which cache to go for next when there was an almighty bang from behind me. It scared the bejesus out of me to say the least!

A car had just gone past and I wondered if he’d clipped the Jeep as he was passing. I got out to check and all was ok. The only other thing it could be was a tyre. The Jeep ones were fine so I had a check of my bike in the back. Sure enough the back tyre was flat as a pancake. How odd though for that to happen as it was not moving and was nowhere near anything sharp which might have caused a sudden explosion.

Old pool, near to where a farmhouse once stood

When I’d recovered enough to drive 😉 I headed off for more caches in the area. That’s when the second bizarre / funny thing happened:

On the way to this one I was sure a blue car had started following me as every turn I made, they did too. I stopped to check my GPSr for the footpath to a nearby cache and the blue car pulled up behind me too. Oh no, I’ve not cut someone up and they have been following me to have words or something have I? I didn’t think so and thankfully spotted it was Des and Bren, on their way to the same caches as I was on my way to.

FIshing man statue near one of the caches

Great to meet Des and Bren again. We ended up doing the next 6 caches together, although they had already found the last two, so just tagged along as we were chatting anyway :-). Along the way we also bumped into the thurs night gang who were just arriving at a cache we’d just done.

They kindly gave me the co-ords of the new YOSM virtual cache location which was not too far away. A quick check on my GPSr revealed a few other new caches in that area so I decided to head off there next as it would leave me not too far from the M6 and the journey northbound to home.

On the way I grabbed a few quick and easy drive-by’s and a cache on a short walk.

Ye Ole Survey Monuments - Pheasey virtual cache

I parked as close as I could to the YOSM cache and got out of the Jeep to take the required photo of my GPSr with the trigpoint. All well and good, but I could not find the trig point anywhere! I then realised it was actually a flat concrete trig plate I was looking for and that I’d parked right on top of it – doh! I moved the Jeep back a bit and all was revealed.

Once I’d finished with the YOSM cache I headed off into the park over the road for the three new caches there. Some tricky hides on these which had me searching for a few moments and all good fun. The last one of the three had this amazing view over most of Birmingham, including the city centre :-).

That's my kind of 'Grub Grab' cache series location - a lovely Indian restaurant!

I decided I better head off towards the motorway and home as time was getting on, but spotted another 4 quick caches on the way so it would have been rude not to stop and find them.

44 finds for the day, which I was pleased about as I’d only intended to bag a few caches at the start of the day.

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Lovely countryside views while on the Codsall series

Isaac was studying for exams at school all weekend so I opted to go out caching on my own on Saturday and then help him with Maths and the sciences on Sunday.

A new series of 19 caches near Codsall looked all too tempting. On Friday while I was wondering where to go caching after I’d found these 19, a set of 5 new ones near Essington came out, followed by another nearby one later on in the day. Decision made, I’d start at Codsall, move on to Essington and then head over towards Brownhills, perhaps via Bloxwich, for the rest of the day.

The lanes around Codsall were really icy which made for some interesting driving to the first three caches which were all drive-by’s! I then relocated to near Codsall church and set off on foot for the rest of the series. The first were down a PF by the side of the cemetery and all quick and easy finds.

Great countryside for a walk!

As I returned to the Jeep I bumped into The Haywood Hornet who was just parking up. He’d not done the next two caches on my list yet so we set off together chatting as we went along. Two quick finds, although the second was probably the hardest find of the series.

I then said my goodbye’s to Iain and headed off for a circular walk around the rest of the series. Not that much to report on these apart from:

  • Some very vicious looking dogs on the walk between two of the caches. I’m very glad there was a big fence between us!
  • A cache at the exact same spot an old Washers cache was. It was even in the same hiding place. What’s the chances of that happening given the new cache is set by a much newer cacher who almost certainly never found the old cache there?
  • Having to be really stealthy at one cache as a teacher was stood very close to it supervising a school map reading walk.
  • Bumping into delta68 a bit later in the walk. I saw them coming over the field towards me and thought it looked a bit like them. As they got closer I realised it was! Great to meet you all again :-).

A friendly horse near one of the drive-by's

I was soon back at the Jeep and drove round to the final two caches of the series (that were off the circular walk for some reason) and the new Washers cache at the Leper’s Well.

Next I headed off to the new series in Essington. On the way I passed the Essington Moat 07 cache which we’d previously DNF’d (it had been muggled). It had been muggled again in the meantime but I’d heard part of the cache was still in place and also hoped the owner had had chance to replace the cache again. My luck was in and I found a brand new cache at GZ :-).

Not too far away I parked up for the new Why Not series in Essington. At the first cache I saw The Mighty Shark and susannye were ahead of me. I’d started the series from #4 and then did #5 before continuing on to #1, #2 and #3. We never seem to do series in the way they are intended, but this seemed like the logical place to park as it was closest to the direction I was coming from. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Double sided weir on the Horse Trail series

At cache #1 I spotted a familiar car and sure enough saw snerdbe had signed the log. Just past the next cache I thought I could see them in the distance so phoned them to see. It was them and they stopped to wait for me to catch them up as we’ve not seen them for ages and it would be good to catch up.

I was having a nice chat with Des and Bren when along came The Mighty Shark and susannye re-tracing their steps round the series as Mark had dropped his mobile phone somewhere :-(.

Once back at the Jeep I tried for a drive-by at the start of the Chicken Licken series but a guy drinking beer was sat right by GZ and looked settled in for the day. Hmm… time for Plan B. Now what was Plan B again? …

HUGE miner status in Brownhills

Plan B was two quick caches on nearby Long Lane. The first one had me foxed at first and I was still looking for it when snerdbe pulled up to look for another nearby cache. After Bren pointed out the error of my ways (a very nice hide it was too) we all walked over to the next cache for a really easy instant find.

I then said my goodbye’s once again (but not quite for the last time today as I would later find out) and headed off to a cache called ‘Love Bloxwich’. We’d DNF’d this a while ago and it has since been relocated down the towpath. Needless to say I still could not find it. I don’t know about Love Bloxwich, I’m beginning to hate the place as we never seem to find caches here as we had similar problems with the Sidetracked Bloxwich cache ;-).

Next on the list was a set of 3 caches on the east side of Walsall called Horse Trail. All nice quick finds by bike but not before I’d set off down the wrong bridleway, on the wrong side of a stream from GZ – doh!

Great statue - or is it a statue?

I still had time for more caches as I’d polished off a lot of them in the morning and made good time, so I headed off towards Brownhills for more caches. The first was to clear up a previous DNF (it had been muggled) at a Walsall Church Gem. Then a micro by a really big statue of a pit head mechanism. I assume it was a statue as it looked not quite big enough for a real one.

The next caches were in the Captain Beaky series and set along a canal and old railway line that is now a cycleway. I had just climbed up with my bike to the old railway line when a car going under the bridge beeped at me. It was Des and Bren again!

Old signal on the ex-railway line

The first one was a DNF (magnetic nano with 1001 hiding places). I got bored looking and moved on for 3 more easy finds.

By this time I was wondering about picking off two new caches near to home while it was still light so decided to head up to the A5 and head homewards via the new caches. On the way I passed another drive-by Walsall Church Gem so could not resist stopping for an easy find.

The first new cache near home was on the Shropshire Union Canal by the old Wheaton Aston WW2 airfield. A nice quick find was had here with co-ords that were spot on under the tree cover.

Views down the Shroppie near the cache

Last of the day was a puzzle cache by the ford at Seighford near Stafford. It had only come out last night but I’d resisted popping out for it then as the puzzle bit was a walk along a stream looking for the cache with little or no clues and about 0.25 of a mile to search. Luckily an additional clue had been added to the cache page since, which narrowed down the search area quite a bit.

I soon found something that was not the cache but found the actual cache a short while later just as it was going dark.

39 finds for the day and a nice dent made in our closest to home not founds. Can’t wait for Isaac to be free as it’s much more fun caching as a team than on my own. That won’t be next weekend as we have to go to a party at friends in Yorkshire (although we may get one or two caches while we are there!).

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