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Gittings Jitty is this way!

I did not have much time for caching on Saturday but after dropping Isaac off at school I could not resist grabbing a quick 5 closest to home not founds, all in the lovely Ironbridge area just south of Telford.

The first four caches were all set on Jitties in Broseley. I bet you are wondering what the heck a Jitty is as I know I was when the caches came out ;)… Here is what the cache page has to say about them:

As the coalfield developed around the turn of the seventeenth century James Clifford provided plots for immigrant miners to build their own homes. This is particularly apparent in Broseley Wood where there developed a maze of cottages lining an irregular network of lanes and enclosed footpaths. Locally these are known as Jitties.

They were all quick and easy caches not too far from where I parked. The hardest bit was trying to find safe places to park as the roads are really narrow in this area of Broseley.

After I’d finished the four Jitty caches I moved round to the great National Trust house at Benthall Woods. My target was the new(ish) Pirates of Shropshire cache just off the Shropshire Way. The whole area was shrouded in fog and very eerie to say the least.

The walk took me up over two huge fields to GZ. At various points during the walk all I could see was the whiteness of the fog all around me and was very glad for my GPSr to guide me along the path. On Arrival at GZ the cache was a nice quick find.

Now to head back home as we’re heading off to visit friends in Yorkshire today.

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