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Aqualate Mere Nature Reserve

On Thursday I had to pop into Stafford to pay some cheques in at the bank and decided to stop to look for a new cache that had come out near Aqualate Mere just outside Newport during the week on the way home.

The walk to the cache is quite a long one (0.88 miles each way) but takes you past a cache we adopted from MarcB a few years ago, giving me the perfect chance to check up on our cache.

I’d forgotten how beautiful the area is here as it’s been a while since we’ve visited. The area is a nature reserve and absolutely teeming with wildlife and the added bonus of hardly any people! I had a lovely walk down to our cache, which was safe and sound and well hidden.

I carried on the walk and was soon at GZ for the new cache, which was an easy find. I then re-traced my steps back to the Jeep and headed home to get some work done.

Views from GZ

Later that evening, Allun from the Shropshire Seekers popped up on MSN to ask if I fancied a FTF dash to a cache near Brewood that had been sat unfound for a few days now. Normally new caches in that area get found really quickly as there are quite a few FTF dashers in the area. We could not work out where everyone was!

As we drove down the A41 it became apparent that the area round the cache would be covered in newly fallen snow (there was no snow at home). We walked over the snowy fields in the dark from the north and were soon at GZ. Despite spending an hour or so frisking down ivy clad trees we could not find the cache.

I did not have the cache owners PAF number so phoned some other caching friends who roused the cache owner on Facebook and asked him to call me. Even with a detailed description of where the cache was hidden from the owner himself, we could not find it.

The owner went out the next day and confirmed the cache was missing. It’s now been replaced nearby so we’ll have to stop by again the next time we are in the area.

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One of the caches we found

I was just settling down for the evening when up popped Allun from the Shropshire Seekers on MSN saying a new cache had just been published near Brewood. By the time I’d checked the one cache has multiplied into 4 new caches! Should we go for it knowing some very prolific FTF hounds live so much closer to it? Of course we should – beats Friday night TV anytime :-).

I picked up Allun on the way and we were soon on the M54 Brewood bound. On arriving at the parking location we half expected to see the familiar silver car we often see in these situations but it was not there.

The first cache was just by the parking area and a quick find. Even better, there was a virgin logbook :-).

We then set off down the dark bridleway for the rest of the caches. The next two were quick finds and we then had the co-ords for the final cache of the series (it was one of those sets of caches where one cache has the co-ords for the next cache etc etc). Without giving anything away, we realised we would be best going back to the Jeep and driving round to make the last cache quicker, just in case any other noctural FTF hounds were out.

On the way back to the Jeep we stopped off so Allun could find an older cache we were walking past anyway (we’d found it really early on in our caching career). As he was signing the logbook we spotted two torches coming along the path – it was Paul and Izzy of Izzy and the Lizard Kind. Fancy bumping into you two here ;-). We had a lovely chat, catching up on things as we’ve not seen them for ages.

Isaac and Freya with the old Lodge Hill cache in 2005

They then carried on to number 3 of the series and we zoomed round for a quick FTF on the last one in the series.

On the way home we did a quick drive-by of a new cache in Brewood before heading off to Lodge Hill near Shifnal to bag another new cache that only came out a few days ago. This was a very nostalgic location for us as there used to be a Washers cache here that was our second or third ever find. The new cache was *very* close to where the old cache used to be hidden.

Now to get back home as it’s getting quite late. 4 FTF’s for the evening too :-).

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