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We went to Jumbles Reservoir to try the new m0gsb caches on Saturday.

On the way, we stopped to clear up a DNF at Sidetracked Hall-i-th-wood (I still don’t quite know how to pronounce that one as they don’t speak that way in Cheshire!). We also bagged a couple of the new series at the southern end of the trail as drive-by’s.

We then drove up to the main Jumbles car park and were just getting out of the Jeep when we spotted a familiar face approaching. It was gruftymilo and bettyboo – great to finally meet cachers we’d seen in lots of logbooks around the area. As we were chatting, nandad pulled up – great to meet you both again too. A few moments later, wicker appeared.

Eventually myself and Isaac set off on our bikes. A couple of caches later and we bumped into Dave_S. As we were chatting to Dave, another group of cacher’s came round the corner. It was Lolly and Bob, scorpionqueen, the Milk Man, benben8, grufty and bettyboo again. I’d said to Isaac on the drive here that we might bump into some cachers today but this is ridiculous!

We’d had a tip off from both grufty and wicker that a new Earthcache had been set at the top of the reservoir, but not yet published. We were told what details we needed and where to take the photo from, so made sure to stop off and do the necessary on the way round as I can;t think when we’ll next be here.

We had great fun doing the trail round the reservoir on our bikes before setting off to do some of the newer urban drive-by’s in Bolton. Nothing much to say about these ones as the locations were a bit uninspiring, but a smiley is a smiley at the end of the day and at least TomTom won’t beep at us when we go past up the A666 now.

We ended the day with a Foinavon cache in a nice park not far from the town centre. Great to tick off another in the ‘Pie’ series – I think that is the series completed now for us. Still a few caches left to get ahead of PhilPamAndRob on the “who has found the most Foinavon caches” but we’re working on it (nothing a quick trip round the Runcorn area won’t sort out).

All in all, a fun and satisfying day out for us with 36 finds to log. This is what caching is all about.

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