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The old water pump in Great Ness

The old water pump in Great Ness

As it was a Bank Holiday on Monday we decided to go out and check on two of the caches in our Behind Enemy Lines series that looked to be missing. We took some spare caches just in case they were missing.

On the way to the first one at Montford Bridge we stopped off for a quick cache at an underground bunker and part of a follow on series (by another cacher!) from our Behind Enemy Lines series. A nice quick find here.

The cache near to the old bunker at Upton Magna

The cache near to the old bunker at Upton Magna

Our  Montford Bridge cache is in some woods near to the old WW2 airfield and the cache was definitely missing. We had a good scout round the woods for a better hiding place and settled on one place which should work well. With the new co-ords taken we set off for the next caches of the afternoon.

The next two caches we found are in an occasional series based around old wells and water pumps in the more remote parts of North Shropshire. Both of them were very easy finds.

Last on our list was our Behind Enemy Lines: Peplow cache, which someone had emailed me about, saying it was missing. The cache used to be under this HUGE log and someone had taken a chainsaw to the log and cut big pieces off it. Needless to say they had disturbed the log at the same time and it was sat right on top of the cache, meaning you could not get the logbook out.

Isaac with the cache at Merrington

Isaac with the cache at Merrington

We opted to place a new cache a short distance away in a location which hopefully won’t get disturbed. Once we got home we changed both caches pages and marked them as live again.

Just after dinner yet another new cache in Gnosall came out so I arranged to go for the FTF with Allun from the Shropshire Seekers again. The cache was a quick find in the first place we looked and we were FTF again🙂.

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The final cache in our Behind Enemy Lines series at Tilstock has been out of action for a few weeks now. The last finder found it sat where it should be but with the lid off and thus it was a bit damp.

Obviously the old hide had been compromised to I decided to relocate the cache somewhere nearby. We’ve been wanting to swap the lock ‘n’ lock box for an ammo box for some time as this fits better with the theme of a wartime series final cache, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

I made up a new ammo box and also did a Regular sized lock ‘n’ lock box just in case I could not find anywhere to hide an ammo box. I need not have worried as a quick scout around in the area just past where the cache used to be revealed lots of great places to put an ammo box.

With that one safely hidden and the co-ords taken and checked, I decided to carry on my walk to the back of the woods, along the back and then back towards the A41 and where I parked via another path. It was a beautiful morning with clear blue skies and absolutely lovely for a walk.

As I was walking along I wondered about the lock ‘n’ lock box I had in my backpack and decided to see if I could find somewhere to hide that too as the woods are full of old buildings which are really fun to explore as most of them are open access.

I ended up at the old Ops building, which is a labyrinth of vary dark rooms, all connected with dark corridors and with doors everywhere. What a great place for a cache and as I looked around by torchlight there were quite a few places I could hide a Regular sized cache.

I ended up choosing a spot that hopefully will not be noticed by any other muggles while looking round themselves. I took my co-ords, tested them and then took a ton of photos of the old buildings, so I could use some of them on the cache page.

Once home I set about writing up an interesting cache page and have just submitted it. Hopefully it will be published very soon.

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