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A wet walk around Badger Dingle

Looking down into Badger Dingle

On Saturday I’d planned a walk round two new cache series near Wrexham but on the way to drop Isaac off at school in the morning the weather was absolutely awful with rain just about as hard as it could get. Myself and Isaac thus decided to put the caches off for the day and go on Sunday as the weather forecast was MUCH better.

I was at home a bit later on and things started to brighten up outside so I decided to go and tackle the 14 new caches around Badger Dingle near Bridgnorth. We’ve got two adopted caches in the area, so the added bonus was that we could stop and check on them as we walked past.

Hidden lake at Badger Dingle

I parked up by the lovely village church and off I set. The first cache was right by where I’d parked and an easy find. I then followed the lane down towards the next cache which was also an easy find. The track from there lead down towards the dingle and most of the rest of the series.

All was going well until I made a right mess of BD08 Sandy Hollow. The hint implied the micro was hidden in a specific feature of a sandstone outcrop but despite there only being two such items near the co-ords I totally failed to spot the cache. There was another sandstone outcrop  a little higher up so I clambered up the very slippy slope to there, but the cache was not there either. I eventually returned to where I’d started looking near the path and found the cache in the second place I’d looked when arriving at GZ – doh!

Lots of lovely wild garlic in the dingle at this time of year

Moving on, the rain then started with a vengeance and was soon lashing down about as hard as rain rains (is that a verb?) in the UK :-(. Anyone who knows Badger Dingle will know it’s not the best place to be when it’s wet as a lot of the paths are very narrow and part way up very steep banks along the side of the dingle. Going was seriously precarious in places and with no mobile phone signal at all I was contemplating giving up for the day as if I fell, there would be no way of alerting anyone to where I was.

Thankfully the rain started to ease off after a bit and I then started to enjoy the walk round the rest of the caches, which were all easy enough to find. Both our adopted caches were in good shape and ready for more finders too.

I wonder where this goes to?

I had to be back home soon to pick the children up from their friends houses and then go to see Mrs Bolas Heathens who is singing in a concert at Shrewsbury Abbey this evening. I thus abandoned any idea of other caches for the day and headed off to pick the children up.

Luckily my route home took me very close to another cache (good planning or what ;-)) so I quickly stopped to walk the 500ft to GZ for an easy find.

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