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Ranton Abbey, seen from part way round my walk

Ranton Abbey, seen from part way round my walk

I had to pop to the bank in Stafford this morning so decided to stop by and check on our Alchemy Quest ~ Steel (Staffordshire) cache as the last two people who went for it could not find it. I took a replacement cache as I suspected it was missing.

After a lovely walk down to GZ it was clear that the woods where the cache had been hidden had been heavily coppiced and the cache was nowhere to be seen. I set about scouting out somewhere to hide a replacement cache nearby. With the new cache in place, I took a few co-ord readings and checked they took me to the right hiding place.

As it was such a nice morning and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I carried on and made it into a nice circular walk :-).

After I’d been to the bank in Stafford I popped along to do a quick cache in the suburbs, which turned out to be nice and easy.

Once I got home, I updated the Alchemy Quest cache page and posted it back as available for the next finder.

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Over the weekend, we’d picked up PopUpPirate’s NW Caching TB Racer, so decided we would pop over to our Alchemy Quest: Lead cache today as it was one of the 15 caches the TB needed to visit.

I had a lovely walk up to the cache, through absolutely deserted woods with only birdsong for company. This is what caching is all about – what a beautiful place.

I was soon at GZ and found the cache well hidden. After taking some photos of the TB with the cache, I headed back to explore an interesting area of the woods I’d seen on my way up here. There are four long-forgotten statues of farm animals just sat amongst the trees, not far from the path.

What an unusual, but really special place. I had a spare cache in my back-pack so set about finding a nice spot for it, taking lots of photos and getting a good co-ord reading for the cache.

We spent the next few days, on and off, fine-tuning the cache page, before submitting it for review. Deceangi was on usual form and the cache was published in the blink of an eye.

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