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Great views early in the walk

We’d saved our main caching day this weekend for Sunday when Isaac was available. During the week the new Abberley Advent[ure] series had all come out and looking at the logs it looks like a really good set of caches on a nice long walk with a bit of terrain thrown in for good measure.

It’s a tricky area to get to from home as there is no easy way. We ended up heading south round Telford, then Bridgnorth, Kinlet, Cleobury Mortimer and finally Abberley. As we were appraching the starting point I was joking to Isaac saying “I hope they have not put the caches up those big hills there” (knowing full well that’s exactly where some of the caches were ;-)).

Lots of choices!

We parked up in a handy lay-by right by #1 of the series. As it turned out we could not be any closer to the cache as Isaac jumped out and came back, cache in hand, before I’d had chance to jump out of the Jeep. A nice easy start to things!

We got kitted up for a full day’s caching away from the Jeep and headed off to the next cache. Another easy find and then a walk down a lane to another quick cache. The route then took us off the lane and up a pretty steep (and muddy!) path. Looking at the OS maps, the hill is called Woodbury Hill and looks like it had an old iron age fort at the top. This was confirmed when we got there and spent a few moments reading the interesting information boards.

Views from the ridge towards Abberley Tower

The next stage was downhill slightly to link up with another ridge and then walk back towards the starting point (or rather, a bit further down the road from the starting point). As we approached one of the caches, we could see a couple acting very furtively at the point we imagined the cache might be. They just had to be cachers and sure enough they were – nice to meet you cagney37!

They were taking their time round the series so we headed off ahead as we were keen to get the caches done before it went dark. The rest of the caches along the ridge were all easy finds, but the best bit of this was the walk as we had great views on both sides of the path, through the trees.

Abberley Tower

At the end of the ridge, the walk went down the hill towards the road and onwards past Abberley Hall School (I think that is what it’s called anyway). The best part of the school was this HUGE clock tower right on top of the high ground in the school land. You could see this tower from miles away and it was visible on a lot of the walk 🙂

After the school we came to the road we’d arrived on earlier and a cache that was hidden exactly like ch050 on the Chiltern Hundred series. We’d spent a short while finding the Chiltern one as we’d not seen this type of hide before, but this time we saw the tell-tale signs and had a virtually instant find.

The next leg took us up a hill on the other side of the road and onwards along another ridge. As we got to the top of the hill near to the trig point the path opened out to stunning views and a handy bench overlooking it all. We were getting a bit hungry by now so stopped to have some soup and enjoy the views.

View from near the trig point

Carrying on down the trail we had quite a few more easy finds before spotting more people acting a little sheepish ahead. It was monkeyhanger – great to meet you all again. After we said our goodbye’s, we carried on to the end of the ridge and down the very steep and slippery steps to the road.

The return leg back to the Jeep took us via on old quarry and then back up to the top of the ridge we’d just walked along before finally dropping down on another path to the starting point.

We managed to take a wrong turn towards the quarry and ended up in the actual quarry (which is thankfully disused now) rather than taking the PF which was just outside the boundary of the quarry. As we approached the next cache we realised our mistake and had to clamber down a very brambly bank to the right path.

Closer to the quarry than we should have been

After that it was several more easy finds, including taking in an Earthcache overlooking the quarry we’d just accidentally been in. As we neared the Jeep we had enough numbers to work out where the bonus cache was, so stopped to sort it all out. Once plotted, it looked like a likely location for a bonus cache so we headed back down to the Jeep to drive the short distance nearer to the bonus cache.

A short(ish) walk later and we spotted the place the bonus cache (which was an ammo box) had to be. Sure enough it was there. A nice ending to a fab walk. We’ve had a great time the whole way round, with perfect winter weather to make it all the more enjoyable.

Isaac with the bonus cache

We had 28 finds, so Isaac decided we’d do 2 quick caches on the way home so we’d end up with a round 30 finds for the day. Two easy looking drive-by’s in Stourport on Severn were chosen and these both turned out to be exactly what we needed – nice, quick and easy :-).

Now for the drive home – we opted to go to the east of the Severn on the way home so we’d see something different than on the way this morning. It proved to be a good choice as the road was much faster than the one we’d come down on earlier.

Another fab day out caching which we both thoroughly enjoyed. 30 finds in total.

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We’re out for the evening tonight and then Isaac is at school for the last time this year tomorrow morning, so I’m looking for an easy day tomorrow and then a more involved caching day on Sunday.

Looking at the maps, I think I might head for the circle of canal caches by Lee Ford near Oldbury. Perhaps not the most scenic of areas, but there are enough caches we’ve not found in the area to keep my interest up. Plus, I can do them by bike, thus saving my walking legs for Sunday…

On Sunday Isaac is coming along and we plan to tackle delta68’s new Abberley Advent[ure] series to the SW of Stourport on Severn. Reading the logs and looking at the OS maps, the walk looks to be fabulous but involves a fair amount of terrain. Sounds a bit like the LEGEND letterboxes in Lancashire we did earlier this year :-).

Can’t wait!

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