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Isaac does not start his new school until Wednesday so I thought I’d take his mind off it by going out to clear up some of our closest to home not founds today (Monday). We were going to start with the 14 new Granville Country Park caches and I’d arranged to meet up with the cache owners, Wild Goosey and Nozi Parkers, so we could all go round together.

We arrived at the parking spot to a call from the cache owners, who were going to be slightly delayed. We agreed myself and Isaac would make a start on the caches and then we could speak again when the cache owners arrived to arrange for somewhere to meet up.

Off we set along a very familiar path as I came down here to a FTF on a cache that got muggled after about 4 finds ages ago. The first cache was up a bank and a lovely big ammo box. This was to set the tone for the nice big caches we would find all the way round the old mining area that makes up the Country Park.

Several quick finds ensued before we got a call off the cache owners – they had just parked behind our Jeep. We arranged to meet up at the next cache and off we set. We got there first so I sent Isaac into the bushes to find the cache. We’d just put it back when everyone came round the corner – great to see you all again.

We’re glad we had the cache owners with us for the next two caches as they were both deep in bushes (150ft or more) and pretty hard to get to. The easiest ways in were pointed out to us, which made for slightly easier going :-). On the way we also bumped into Allun from the Shropshire Seekers – great to see you again too.

A few more quick finds were had, whilst chatting away about caching as we went. We’d then finished the caches in this area so said our goodbye’s to the cache owners and headed off in the Jeep for the final 4 caches in the series, which are easier to get to by driving a bit closer.

On the way to the last caches in the series we passed the local Naturist Camp so I had to explain to Isaac what went on there. He looked at me blankly as he could not understand why someone would want to wander round with no clothes on :-).

The final 4 caches were easy finds and with the series completed, we decided to head off for some sandwiches at Isaac’s Grandparents who live in nearby Blymhill.

After dinner we picked up a quick drive-by in Bishops Wood (where Mrs Bolas Heathens went to primary school) and then headed off for a few more caches. Nothing too taxing here apart from one in Lilleshall which was almost certainly on private land, which made us feel very uncomfortable going for it (but not that uncomfortable we did not find it!).

Some time during the day (I won’t say when as I don’t want to give any clues as to the location), we also went for the final of the Big Farmer Giles series. We’d worked out the necessary co-ords surprisingly easily last night – again, I won’t say how as that would ruin it for others. We arrived at the location and soon had the two sets of numbers we needed to get found. A handy bench was nearby so we stopped to try and work out the final twist in the cache.

After a while we had some co-ords which looked half plausible and were not too far away. We were not that confident they were the right ones but we thought we’d have a look anyway. As we arrived, plenty of hint items were there, so it looked promising. Indeed it was and we soon pulled the ammo box out of it’s hidey hole :-).

A nice few hours out caching, some really nice caches and some of them done in great company too. Perfect!

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On Sunday it looked a nice day and I had a few hours to kill so I decided to head over and finish off the Big Farmer Giles caches so we then had all the details to work out where the final bonus cache was. We’d then have to tackle the bonus cache on another day.

I started off on another Puzzle cache, which was in essence a Multi as you had to find a micro which then lead you to an ammo box. The co-ords for the micro were in another cache in the series and hence the fact it’s classified as Puzzle / Unknown cache type. The micro was an instant find as we used to have a stage of one of our multi’s hidden exactly like this. The final cache then took a bit of finding as it was hidden in a very unusual way for an ammo box. I can’t say any more here as it would spoil it for those who have not done the cache.

Next, it was off to find the final of another multi. We’d found the first two stages of this yesterday but run out of time to find the final cache. Today it was like doing a Traditional as I went straight to the final cache location. I saw a very obvious (but sneaky) place for a cache but discounted it as I did not think anyone would hide a cache in that sort of place. After exhausting all other possibilities, I thought I’d take a sneaky peek anyway and there the cache was! Great when you see a new hide as you don’t get to see them that often once you’ve found a few caches.

Lastly, it was a quick multi along a quiet lane. We’d found stage 1 yesterday but I’d forgotten my notes today so could not remember the co-ords that were in stage 1. Not a problem as it was easy to start the cache from the beginning again and I was soon searching for the final cache. I’d seen a note about bees coming out of a hole in the hedge (the cache is in a hole in the hedge) so after a quick and nervous check of various places, I opted for the sensible route of calling the cache owner for more detailed instructions as I did not want to accidentally disturb the bees. A quick find then ensued.

Now back home in time for dinner and some pondering over what to do with the 64 individual clues we have collected in order to work out where the bonus cache is!

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We only got back from holiday on Thursday afternoon so were still jet-lagged and did not fancy the usual Saturday caching trip. Whilst we’d been away, quite a few new caches had come out near to home so we decided to have an easier day and try and clear up some of the newest caches.

The nearest group was two interlinked series by Big Farmer Giles (BFG) stretching from Stanton upon Hine Heath to Lee Brockhurst. Knowing BFG the hides were going to be creative and sneaky as experience has taught us to expect anything when doing a BFG cache. We were not disappointed!

We started the caches off with the nearest to home, which was an easy drive-by ammo box with the words “Homeward Bound” in the cache name. Trust us to do the last cache as the first one!

Next, we started off on a 4 stage multi, whilst also looking out for the first stage on a Puzzle cache and the first stage on another multi. Our heads were spinning with all this as we’re not quite on UK time yet. Needless to say we totally missed the first stage of the Puzzle cache (we were not sure what we were looking for anyway) and failed to find the first stage of the second multi. We did find all 4 stages of the first multi and located the final ammo box with no problems.

Next, we carried on to two relatively easy traditionals before backtracking with a better of idea of what we should be looking for on the Puzzle cache. The puzzle actually ended up with 3 solutions, all along the same lane and as is typical with these things, it was the third and last location that yielded the first stage of the multi! We plotted the final box location and realised we’d only just parked right next to it – doh! A quick find then ensued :-).

We then re-located to the top end of the series and set off on foot again for some more traditionals along the Shropshire Way. Two quick finds were then had, although it took us ages to bushwhack in to the second cache as it’s well of a PF and I think we came in from a direction it was not intended for us to use. Not to worry as we got there in the end.

Next, we started on another multi, which was along Papermill Bank – the only Byway Open To All Traffic that now exists in North Shropshire. The micro was in the last place we looked (it would be wouldn’t it ;-)). The final cache was then an easy find and was fun to get as we had to scale the sides of the sandstone canyon that the Byway goes through.

We moved the Jeep back to the start of the Byway and set off along another PF to do a Traditional and a Multi. The first stage of the multi was right by where we’d parked and a quick find. We then had a quick find of the Traditional before heading off to stage 2 of the multi. I can’t really say much about the rest of the multi here as it would give it away but take it from us, it’s a belter of a cache and a must do if you are in the area. A very sneaky container, a twist on the hide, a great hidden gem of a location further on in the multi and yet another twist in the plot all make this a fabulous cache.

A few quick traditionals finished us off for the day as time was getting on and we were starting to flag. There are another 4 caches to do in the series but they will have to wait for another day.

13 finds in total, which is well below our normal find rate but we don’t normally do multi’s and quite a few of the 13 were very involved multi’s. We’ve really enjoyed a complete change to our normal caching day.

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