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Two New Caches Set

Our Jeep Challenge was unfortunately muggled a while ago so we were keen to put out a replacement.

We’d been in contact with some cachers in that area who work the land there and despite them asking around, no-one was admitting to taking the cache. They have their suspicions though!

Anyway, between us we developed an idea for a replacement cache in a place that should hopefully never get muggled, yet not too far from where the old cache was. Some special equipment needed to be made as this was part of the fun of getting the cache.

All was ready at the end of the weekend so I popped over with a replacement cache and set it all up, giving the special equipment a final run-through to make sure all was spot on. It was!

While I was in the area, I went off to explore another place just down the road called Hundred Steps. A great location for a cache too – after going down the ancient steps, there is a lovely bridge over the River Roden with lots of wild garlic and a small waterfall. I had a cache with me so hid the ammo box nearby.

When I got home later, I made the final adjustments to the Jeep Challenge 2 – The Rescue cache page (which I’d already set up over the last few days) and set up a cache page for the other new cache.

Both caches were submitted and Deceangi was on good form as they were both published within something like 10 minutes of being submitted.

Now to wait to see who will be FTF…

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We fancied a day out on Bank Holiday Monday and whilst looking for things to do in South Shropshire, we spotted that the Green Man Festival was on in Clun all weekend. Clun is right in deepest South West Shropshire and not the easiest place to get to, but the countryside is absolutely beautiful in that area.

We drove down, thoroughly enjoying the drive and had a great time at the festival. Lots to see and do and the whole town had really made an effort to welcome all the visitors.

On the way home, we thought we’d take an even more scenic route home via the Stiperstones – and a couple of caches of course!

The first was on a hill just to the north of Clun. Try as I might I could not find it. There was a very obvious place it must have been but I just could not see it. I doubt it’s been muggled as it’s a remote spot but you never know.

Next on the list was two of thefortytwa’s more remote caches, to the west of Bishops Castle. The lanes round here are really narrow and some are almost like farm tracks. Great fun in the Jeep though!

Both were easy finds with some stunning views as they were both on the top of hills overlooking the whole area. The first one was on Offa’s Dyke – we never realised this extended into England but it does!

After stopping at the old Snailbeach Lead Mines near the Stiperstones so Freya could look for quartz crystals amongst the old mine debris, we did a quick nano on the way into Minsterley.

From there it was a quick trip to home along main roads.

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On Sunday afternoon, I was due to go over and meet my business partner who lives in Florida, but was on a flying visit to the UK, staying at his parents house in Saughall.

I set off a bit early to try and bag a few caches on the way as it’s ages since we’ve cached in the Chester area and quite a few new caches have come out since.

My main aim was the Insy Winsy cache just south of Ellesmere Port as it’s been recommended to us by several friends.

As I approached Chester on the A41, I was very close to Shroppie – Christleton, so I stopped for a nice quick find. I then carried on up the A41 round the side of Chester and stopped for another quick find at Backford Dipper on a towpath by a nice canal.

Next, was a quick micro down a disused road and then on to Insy Winsy. I knew it was a sneaky one where you had to do *something* to get the cache out but had no idea what to look for. I was thinking the cache would be high for some reason and whilst checking this theory out, I literally came face to face with the cache, much lower than I thought!

The log came out all too easily, but then the fun started as it was not the log at all – just a note telling you there was more work to do. I won’t say what I did to get the cache itself as it would spoil the fun for others, but rest assured, if you have not already done this cache, it’s great fun and something a little bit different.

Just time for two quick other caches before my meeting so a nice cache and dash by a pub near Cheshire Oaks, followed by a dive into some lovely woods for another cache were in order.

After my meeting, I set off to bag the two new caches in Saughall. I could not find the first one and spotted some DNF’s on it. A PAF confirmed what I was looking for and where it should be. It was nowhere to be seen to I marked it as a DNF and set off for the next one.

I then had a lovely walk through some gorgeous bluebell filled woods to a cache called (appropriately enough) Bluebell Woods. I spotted Pieman had found this two days ago so wondered if he had managed to find the last one that I could not find. After eventually getting a data singal, I looked it up on my iPhone to see the cache was indeed missing but had been replaced yesterday.

A quick walk back over the field and I found the cache, thus saving me having to log a DNF.

I could not resist one final cache on the way home so returned to Stanney Woods for another cache by the people that had set Insy Winsy. This one has multiple cache containers hidden in the same area and your job is to find the one with the logbook in. A bit like our What The Heck ??? !!! cache but different. I actually found the correct one first time round but did not spot the logbook so carried on searching. After finding two more, I looked at the first one again and spotted the logbook – doh! I won’t spoil it for others but will add that there is a fun surprise when doing this cache – you’ll have to go and do the cache to find out what though ;-).

I was getting hungry by now so headed off home with a very respectable 9 finds for my trip out.

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On Saturday we planned a return visit to the area just to the south of Derby.

This time we would be just a bit further north than we were last week, concentrating on the EBE series near the lovely village of Etwall. If we have time, we’ll move onto the SS series on the outskirts of Derby itself and then maybe some of JustAlan’s letter series if time permits.

First stop was the centre of Etwall to get the details from the cemetery that we needed to start the EBE series off. There was another cache nearby at the Leisure Centre so it would have been rude not to grab that one first.

Details all noted from the cemetery, we headed off in the Jeep to the first cache on the EBE series. This was a nice easy drive-by. We then headed down to the end of the lane to park up and head off on foot for the rest of the circular walk.

The first part of the walk took us along the back of the HUGE Toyota factory – it really is a lot more scenic than it sounds though as they have done a great job with landscaping. No hard finds and the co-ords were good at all of the caches.

Along the way we found what has to be the weirdest cache container yet – a shop dummy painted in camo colours and with a cache stuffed down it’s neck. It goes to show, you can get *anything* used as a cache container in these parts, which all adds to the fun :-).

The rest of the walk was lovely, with some great views over the area from the higher points, lots of quick finds and one or two extra caches that were not in the series along the way. All too soon we were back at the Jeep and heading off for the next set of caches.

We re-positioned to just north of Etwall and headed off along a National Cycleway on our bikes for some more caches. The cycleway followed the route of an old railway line and made for some very easy cycling.

We started with a puzzle cache, then two Traditional’s followed by The Web Rat’s 4 new TRR sneaky hide series. This series has no cache size stated, no clues, no other details, nothing. It’s all about very sneaky hides and testing your cacher’s instinct. Just the kind of caching we really enjoy!

We found 3 out of the 4 and despite a look on the way out and the way back to the Jeep, we could not spot the fourth one. No problems as I bet the series will be extended so it’s no hassle to come back for another look when we do the other new caches.

We then headed off to try the SS series which are around a park on the southern suburbs of Derby. The area for the first two was almost head high in nettles which did not look promising. We arrived at GZ for the first one to see it was a micro in ivy and there was loads of ivy. We hate these kind of un-inventive hides as they are no fun so gave it a miss and moved on to the next one. This was deep in nettles and really hard to get to. We gave it up without trying further as bush-wacking nettles for a cache that could be anywhere is no fun.

We did not want to risk spending any more time getting disappointed on the series (I’m sure it’s a lot better than we thought – there are just too many nettles for these kind of hides this time of year) so made an executive decision between us to move to a totally different area and try some caches there. JustAlan had finished off his alphabet puzzle series (we’d done A-N on a previous trip) and they were in lovely countryside, so off we set.

We then spent a lovely couple of hours zooming round beautiful country lanes going from cache to cache. All were quick finds in nice locations and no nettles anywhere near them. We bagged a couple of other caches on the way round and ended up not far from the A50 and a handy route back home.

37 finds for the day and some great fun containers to boot. We managed the whole day in t-shirts for the first time this year as the sun was out all day – perfect!

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