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Two new caches set

It was New Years Day and we were fed up of being in the house and fancied a walk. No local caches to find so we decided to set off and scout a few locations for a hide, armed with the three new caches we’d just made up.

The first area was a spot at the southernmost point in Cheshire. No public footpaths to use for a cache so we reluctantly made it a drive-by. It’s hidden by a beautiful old bridge which is a consolation though.

Then we headed off to near Combermere Abbey, between Whitchurch and Audlem. We arrived at the start of the walk and the place looked stunning in all the frost. I bet we’ll find a cracking place to set a cache here.

We set off through the woods, and soon arrived at a likely spot about 0.26 walk from the Jeep. Perfect for a cache and it’s even near a nice little stream for added effect. Isaac soon had an ideal place for the cache so we hid an ammo box and took some co-ords.

Later on at home, we put the cache pages together and submitted them for approval. Deceangi was on form today and both caches were published within minutes.

Now to see who will be FTF…

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