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On Saturday we thought it was high time for a return visit to the Wrexham area as there are lots of new caches to find there since our last visit.

We took the scenic route there, taking in our three nearest to home not founds: a fun cache on the old Prees branch of the Llangollen Canal, followed by two caches right on the border of England and Wales. The latter two were called “Peculiar Border Crossing” 1 and 2 – we still do not have a clue what was so peculiar about them as they both looked very normal to us!

We then started on the Marches Enigma series near Wrexham Industrial Estate with a longer walk than normal. Really interesting though as there were lots of what looked like old WW2 buildings in the fields on the way.

Next was the new caches round Erddig Park. We got the bikes out for these as the paths looked very much bike-able. Sure enough they were and we had a fun hour or so zooming around the area picking up caches. The best was one where we had to ford a stream to get to the cache.

It was then into the centre of Wrexham for more caches. The first one was another Enigma cache and we arrived to see some people who just had to be cachers struggling to find the cache. They were from Sweden and visiting friend in Wrexham. We ended up using a PAF to get the tricky find.

A bit later, we did a fun Puzzle cache which was actually at the stated co-ords but the puzzle was how to get at the cache. The answer is “very easily” as something was broken in the cache and so the puzzle did not work. I bet it’s a cracker when it works though.

One more Enigma cache on the way up to Chester, which we were expecting to be a tricky find after reading some of the logs. Luck was on our side and we put our hands straight on it.

On the way from the last one to the Sughall area, TomTom took us right past the final location of a Puzzle cache we’d solved during the week so as it was quiet, we stopped right by it and hopped out for a very easy find. We were not expecting to be in the centre of Chester today so this one was an added bonus :-).

A few more caches later, we ended up near Saughall in the dark, but were aware there were 5 cycle route caches so we could not resist. We set off down the cycle path in the dark and our night vision soon came, so we could ride without any lights. Really good fun when this happens.

The caches were mainly Team Marzipan ones so we were expecting some tricky finds, but they all turned out to be easy enough. After a final cache at Hawarden Bridge, we decided to call it a day and head for home.

30 caches finds and some fun and different caches over the day.

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A short break in New York

We’ve just booked for a 4 night short break in New York City in February.

We’d already checked the caches there and there are not that many and with all the hustle and bustle that is NYC, we don’t expect that many finds. The trip is about more than caching though, so not a problem.

It will be good to tick off two new US States for us though as we fly into Newark, so can get the cab driver to make a “small diversion” on the way to the hotel so we can get New Jersey as well as the New York state caches on Manhattan.

We don’t have any Memory Map maps of the area so had a look on the internet to see if there was an easy way of getting Google Maps into Memory Map and using that. It turns out it’s very easy to do and I had one up and running in minutes, thanks to the excellent tutorial at this link. A quick PQ of the nearby caches and I soon had all the nice geocache icons overlaid in my new map – perfect!

There are quite a few puzzle caches so we’ll be working our way through the ones we are likely to encounter in the meantime.

Can’t wait to go now as we’ve been waiting for the children to be a bit older for a return visit to NYC. Needless to say they are both REALLY excited!

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Myself and Freya have just put together three new ready to go caches. Now all we have to do is find somewhere interesting to hide them.

We’ve got a couple of ideas in mind and just need to develop them a bit before scouting out the area for good hiding places.

Watch this space…

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Two new caches set

It was New Years Day and we were fed up of being in the house and fancied a walk. No local caches to find so we decided to set off and scout a few locations for a hide, armed with the three new caches we’d just made up.

The first area was a spot at the southernmost point in Cheshire. No public footpaths to use for a cache so we reluctantly made it a drive-by. It’s hidden by a beautiful old bridge which is a consolation though.

Then we headed off to near Combermere Abbey, between Whitchurch and Audlem. We arrived at the start of the walk and the place looked stunning in all the frost. I bet we’ll find a cracking place to set a cache here.

We set off through the woods, and soon arrived at a likely spot about 0.26 walk from the Jeep. Perfect for a cache and it’s even near a nice little stream for added effect. Isaac soon had an ideal place for the cache so we hid an ammo box and took some co-ords.

Later on at home, we put the cache pages together and submitted them for approval. Deceangi was on form today and both caches were published within minutes.

Now to see who will be FTF…

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