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A trip to Brum

On Saturday, we were due to meet up with Mrs Bolas Heathens cousins and children, to go on our annual jaunt to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to see the Police Symphony Orchestra and the children’s concert they put on for Christmas.

Myself and Isaac were dying to get some caches in, so set off first thing in the morning (not too early as we’re not morning people!) to bag as many caches as we could near the city centre before the concert.

Our main aim for the day was the Ring A Ring A Ring Road series, which is set round Brum’s middle ring road, with the bonus cache somewhere in the city centre. We’d planned to also bag the new Brummie Cut cache and a short diversion down to Bourneville along the way.

All started off well, with an easy find of the Brummie Cut cache and the first Ring Road cache. The latter was especially satisfying as we had a DNF on that one in the summer.

The next two Ring Road caches were DNF’s and we were starting to think we’d lost our touch. It turns out the first one had been muggled and we just did not look hard enough on the second – doh!

After that, we had a successful diversion to Bourneville and back, finding the new caches along the way. The only fly in the ointment was the Sidetracked cache at the University as there was nowhere to park.

We then headed off to find The Strangler’s puzzle cache, which was at a fab location not too far from the city centre.

A few more caches later, and we’d found all the Ring Road caches and had the co-ords for the bonus plotted. Time to go and see our concert now :-).

After the concert, we walked into the city centre for some food, but not before finding a cache right by the BBC Mailbox studios and then the bonus cache of the Ring Road series.

A good day out, but our caching itch has not been fully scratched for this week so we’re planning a trip out tomorrow as well. 20 cache finds in total.

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New Earthcache Submitted

We’ve just submitted our first Earthcache to earthcache.org. The form says to allow up to 10 days to get a response so we’ll be patiently waiting to see what they say.

Hopefully all will be ok and it will be fine as it is.

The only potential problem I can see is there is a Traditional cache 488ft from the stated co-ords. It’s very obvious which cache is which so we’re hoping that will not cause a problem as the usual proximity guidelines do not seem to apply for earthcaches.

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Earthcache confusion

We’re thinking of setting up an Earthcache and have the perfect location in mind.

Our main gripe is it’s not exactly clear what the process involved is. We know you have to submit the details at http://www.earthcache.org and then a member of the Geological Society of America reviews it and if it’s ok:
  1. They create a cache page on GC.com for it.
  2. You adopt the listing over from them.
  3. At some point (either before or after 2) above, they publish the listing on GC.com

We’ve also heard that it can take a few weeks for it to go live, assuming all is ok with your submission. Not a problem as I’m sure they have their work cut out for them with reviewing all Earthcaches submitted anywhere in the world.

Watch this space…

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On Saturday, we returned to the Macclesfield area to finish off the Middlewood Circular series of caches. Part 3 of the series had been published during the week so we were looking forward to finding them.

We drove up through Congleton to Macclesfield and opted to park up for the caches in between Bollington and Macclesfield. Out came the bikes and off we set.

All were easy finds, like the previous ones in the series. At the Trail End cache, we had a laugh as there was a big blue portaloo sat by one of those huge circular gas canister thingies. Everywhere was shrounded in fog this morning, so the scene looked very atmospheric and like something out of a Dr Who set.

A while later, while on the canal leg, we spotted theblackwidow by one of the caches so stopped for a nice geo-chat. That’s the second time we’ve bumped into her while out caching (the first time was while doing the Brummie Cut series).

After we’d finished stage 3 of the series, we drove off to clear up the two DNF’s from last weekend on stage 2 of the series. Can’t believe how we missed the Iron Bridge one last week as it was a very easy find this time and was in plain sight, if you looked in the right direction.

At the final one of the series (Wood End), we bumped into yet more cachers – nice to meet you M’over Arrows :-).

We then headed off up into the hills at the back of Macc to clear up a few between Macc and Buxton as they had been on our list for too long. The highlight of these was walking up out of the fog into a beautiful day with clear blue skies at a cache called Mineshead Revisited.

It started to go dark but we still fancied a few more caches, so cranked up the big torches and carried on.

After doing the easier Macc Forest caches (will be back for the harder ones in the daylight), we headed off to grab a quick final cache on Alderley Edge. This turned out to be a trickier find than we expected, especially given it was such a big box.

We’re now well positioned for the road through Holmes Chapel and onwards to home. Another great day out, with 30 finds and no DNF’s :-).

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