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Some puzzling caches!

After bumping into snerdbe (great to meet you both again) while caching on Saturday, we were reminded that we have never cached in the Walsall to Sutton Coldfield area. It’s somewhere we keep meaning to go but new puzzle caches keep coming out there and we never seem to get round to solving them.

Today we decided to try and rectify that and have been working our way through the puzzles. Most of them are straightforward and quick to obtain co-ordinates for. A couple are more tricky and will take a bit more though.

We’ll get there eventually and then look forward to going to the area and seeing how many we can find.

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We had a fabulous day out caching along the canal between Bromsgrove and Droitwich on Saturday.

The weather forecast was good but the day started out with lots of fog patches. This made driving down the M6 / M5 interesting to say the least but we got there in one piece. We set off on our bikes, tackling the caches to the south ofwhere we parked first.

Lots of mist along the canal meant not many muggles out – all the better for finding caches! The only one we struggled on was an offset multi at one of the locks. We knew the hide was sneaky but we could not spot it and gave up after a short search – too much ivy and hawthorn for my liking.

After lunch at some handy canal-side picnic tables we carried on northwards to finish off the WBC series before driving round to do a nearby Puzzle cache and then on to the PH series.

As we started down the first PF we spotted two cachers at GZ – it turned out to be Des and Bren (snerdbe). We had a chat and realised we were all going on to the same caches so we joined forces.

Had fun with some more of the hides, including one on the end of a ‘fishing line’ (see photo above). Then it was on to the bonus cache, which bizarrely turned out to be two seperate micros, hidden inches from each other.

All in all a fabulous day out – great weather, nice locations, interesting and varied hides.

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We’re hoping to try Cakemaker’s new caches along the canal between Bromsgrove and Droitwich this weekend as Isaac has been told he can cycle but not walk, due to an ankle injury. 

Reading the logs, they look a fun set of caches and we’re really looking forward to them. The weather is forecast to be good too – can’t wait!

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We’ve spent the last few days researching, gathering information for, and setting our new Market Drayton cache: Market Drayton – Plaque Attack.

The main challenge was to find a nice location in the town that was not too far from the centre and could hold a reasonable sized cache as we don’t like settings micros. This proved harder than we though and after several hours of looking at various possibilities, settled on the one location.

We then had to get the co-ordinates and plaque details for all locations on the walking tour and put it all together in a cache page. Multi caches like this always take an age to set as there is so many things to get right and lots of double checking of everything to do.

Finally, mid-morning today, all was ready to go so we submitted the cache for review. It’s not been published yet, but hopefully will be later today. Then we have the fun of looking at the Audit Trail logs to try and guess who might be FTF.

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